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Weekly winners are known, and they are only the first for Summer time!

Weekly Winners 06/23/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by romangirl

TOTW © by DarkElf

Your Art © by wingedwolf
Look here names of weekly winners!

Weekly winners 06/16/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Midnightvelvet

TOTW © by musicat  Learning by musicat

Your Art © by Nemesis

And this week we remember you some characters we have at Fantasies Realm Market. They exist by dozens, but this time we show you mainly several of our exotic characters.
Without forgetting the Summer tattoos!

Today we present you our weekly winners!

Weekly winners 06/09/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket
SAOTW © by Seliah  Childe-Of-Fyre

TOTW © by loligagger

Your Art © by CalieVee

But you have also our Winners of May month contest!

May 2018 winners by FantasiesRealmMarket
5th place © by eblank
4th place © by beachlegs   Cleaning up their act by beachlegs
3rd place © by MilosGulan
2nd place © by Myquad
1st place © by UteBigSmile  UteSmile
Grand Prize © by Charly
We begins the month of new birth of Summer with our weekly winners and our COTM winner!

Weekly winners 06/02/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by mtdana

TOTW © by Paul  Shadowbane-EQ

Your Art © by Heavenlee

COTM © by Heitaikai

Fantasies Realm Market is also ready for Summer. Look a part of our products for the season!

With new month, it's also the moment to begin new things, like contests on Fantasy Attic forum:

:bulletorange: June contest
:bulletorange: June COTM
Here are weekly winners, and 2 of them are know on Deviantart!
Are you more witch, angel or fighter?

Weekly winners 05/26/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Artienne ValgerdKossmann

TOTW © by LaMuserie   Angel Spirit 12 by LaMuserie

Your Art © by Alan

And we have some new products at Fantasies Realm Market

Summer is also coming the next month, it's time to prepare the season!

It's the women week pictures with our weekly winners!

Weekly winners 5/19/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Anna

TOTW © by chk2033

Your Art © by Agent0013  Agent-0013  Lovely Latina Dancer on the Bar by Agent-0013

Fantasies Realm Market has some new products to show you. Recently it was mainly scifi themed, but we have more to propose.
Our products are for Daz Studio, Poser, Photoshop, PSP... They can be environments, characters (including standalone), clothes, poses, props, brushes, backgrounds... All you need to create worlds of your imagination!
Come and discover our more than 1300 products! Hundreds are exclusively on our market place.

It's also the last 12 days before the end of the 2 events on Fantasy Attic forum:
:bulletblue: Challenge Of The Month
:bulletblue: Monthly Contest
Each member of forum can enter until 3 times for each of these events.
The new 3 weekly winners are known, and this time all of them are also on Deviantart!

Weekly winners 05/12/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Star4mation

TOTW © by sidherose

Your Art © by MilosGulan

This weekend we have several new products to present on Fantasies Realm Market. Do you love... horror? Or Scifi? Maybe both?
You will be pleased when you'll see these products!

But we have also fantasy, magical, daily life items too!
April winners are finally known for our monthly contest!

April 2018 winners by FantasiesRealmMarket

5th place © by TheKatster
4th place © by Dreamer  Dreamweever
3rd place © by Aelin  AelinNamarie  The rest by AelinNamarie
2nd place © by reserv888  Global warming by reserv888
1st place © by wingedwolf
Grand Prize © by Heitaikai

And next month be ready to see new winners!
Our weekly winners for this month are know, but also the winner for April COTM.

Weekly Winners 05/05/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by beachlegs  What's a girl to do by beachlegs

TOTW © by DarkElf

Your Art © by Rods  Rods-Lair  Innocent? by Rods-Lair

COTM © by oldeekdog

Today is also the moment for new products at Fantasies Realm Market. Keep magic in your life, or in life of your characters!

This month have also some new challenge on our forum:
:bulletpink: May contest
:bulletpink:  May COTM
In both cases it's a maximum of 3 entries by member of forum. Dead line is May 31st.

We are so very proud of our Attic members when we post their images and would love to have our Deviant Art deviants to also come in, post images and join our extended family here too. We would love to have you join our group.
If you are not again an Attic member but you are using products of the Fantasy Market or Attic Free Zone, we will happy to see your pictures there also.

Don't forget to choose folder(s) where you want to post your pictures before to submit them.
Our trio of weekly winners is now here!

Weekly winners 04/28/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by UteBigSmile  UteSmile  A lazy Sunday on the Beachside by UteSmile

TOTW © by myquad

Your Art © by Paul  Shadowbane-EQ

And don't forget it's the last weekend before the end of month - and the end of our monthly contest and challenge!

During the coming week, we'll also present you some additions to our market place. We are sure these ones will enjoy you!

We are so very proud of our Attic members when we post their images and would love to have our Deviant Art deviants to also come in, post images and join our extended family here too. We would love to have you join our group.
If you are not again an Attic member but you are using products of the Fantasy Market or Attic Free Zone, we will happy to see your pictures there also.

Don't forget to choose folder(s) where you want to post your pictures before to submit them.

It's time to reveal our weekly winners!

Weekly winners 04/21/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by CathyY

TOTW © by Aelin AelinNamarie  Haruko portrait by AelinNamarie

Your Art © by reserv888  Archer ritual by reserv888

And beside all news we gave to you that week, we have already some new products. You can find them on Fantasies Realm Market.

Well, after a moment where we added few by few our last products, these last times were busy lol But it was because we put on Fantasies Realm Market a part of freebies shared by our designers during Halloween and Christmas events - events which will be back this year!

Other freebies ended in Attic Free Zone, another treasure area.

So to summarize, what happened these last weeks?
Summoner has proposed always more of his products on FRM, no matter they are free or not. You have many choices for mood of your renders with his packs: modern, fantasy, scifi... or horror!
His products are for Poser and/or Daz Studio, all depends.

Prae also shared several products, for Poser and Daz Studio. Freebies of course, but look too her wonderful addition for a fairy world!

And can we tell you a secret? More will come!

We are also proud to welcome always more designers on our market place. Anima Gemini had to find a new site for majority of her freebies, and we are their new home. But now Anima Gemini begins to sell also on FRM!
And made too a great freebie for a new character, Project Evolution.

Anima Gemini's work is for Poser, Daz Studio or both, depending of the moment and project. You can find backgrounds also.

Talking of character different from Daz Studio or Poser ones, we have now between our packs that dear Antonia; always for free of course, like she must stay.
Anyway, one of our new designers is AfroditeOhki who has wonderful morphs for Antonia. Click on the thumbnail below to know more on the topic.

And Art 4 sale is another of our designers. Even a new designer for us, who like to share products for great celebrations of the year!

These products are for 2D programs, but can work with 3D of course.

Yes, we have many treasures on Fantasies Realm Market, and hundreds of them are exclusively there!

Our weekly winners are known, and you can see totally different characters in their creations!

Weekly winners 04/14/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by mtdana

TOTW © by JVRenderer 

Mature Content

La Roux by JVRenderer

Your Art © by BronzeDragon

A lot of new products continue to come on our market. Our last addition today is Floral Fairy, a perfect set to welcome and to celebrate Spring!
And so many treasures wait for you on Fantasies Realm Market, which are exclusively there.
Weekly winners are known and you discover here their names!

Weekly winners 04/07/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by LaMuserie  Easter by LaMuserie

TOTW © by loligagger

Your Art © by oldeekdog  Silent Lucidity,,, (TGIF!) by oldeekdog

More keep an eye on our Fantasies Realm Market, with so many new products we have regularly. No matter you use Daz Studio, Poser or scrapbooking. We have a world of choices!

But we have also our events on our forum, Fantasy Attic

:bulletwhite: April contest
:bulletwhite: April COTM
These events are for all members of our forum, no matter they are old souls there, or just newbies!
Monthly winners for March are known. Congratulations!

March 2018 winners by FantasiesRealmMarket

5th place © by NewbieNoobs
4th place © by AngellsGraphics
3rd place © by Charly
2nd place © by sidherose
2st place © by  Heavenlee
Grand prize © by RainbowGypsy
Our weekly winners and the winner of Challenge are now to discover here!

Weekly Winners 03/31/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Dreamer  Dreamweever

TOTW © by  butterflyqueen kohly   Twilight2 by kohly

Your Art © by Nemesis

COTM © by M-Callahan  MRC1

The Easter sale is ended at Fantasies Realm Market, but many great products continue to expect for you. And between them, hundred are exclusive!

Happy Easter each of you! Easter Bunny with Egg - F2U!  
Our weekly winners bring us in different worlds once again. Congratulations!

Weekly winners 03/24/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Darkelf

TOTW © by renecyberdoc

Your Art © by wingedwolf

Next week, other names will be known.

And since yesterday at Fantasies Realm Market we have a great sale to prepare Easter. Until last day of month you can catch a reduce of 30% on all stores and products - except freebies which stay free of course :)
This is a good moment to discover all our new products, and we have new packs each week!
Look below and click on thumbnails to see pages of each product. Only 12 here, but more than 1200 are at Fantasies Realm Market, and many of them are exclusively available on our store.

This week, all our weekly winners are known by Deviantart community!

Weekly winners 03/17/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Neimrok  Denythe  Asian Serenity by Denythe

TOTW © by Star4mation

Your Art © by Jherrith

Today is the Saint-Patrick's Day, a time of year where you are luckier than never! Maybe also a time of rest for you, to check Fantasies Realm Market and find something for your next renders! Daz Studio, Poser, Photoshop, scrapbooking... many products are waiting for you.

We continue to install on Fantasies Realm Market some freebies from Halloween and Christmas 2017 events. But they aren't alone like we have also new products to present. Below a little mix of everything.

Also, it's the week for St-Patrick's Day! Do you need something green?

And always more different products are available on our store!

That was a big week! To start, our weekly winners are below:

Weekly winners 03/10/2018 by FantasiesRealmMarket

SAOTW © by Heavenlee

TOTW © by TaishoBee  Bee and Yuki 2018 by TaishoBee

Your Art © by Rods  Rods-Lair  March 2018 Calendar Pinup: Ranpha! by Rods-Lair

And now, here are our winners for the February contest!

February 2018 winners by FantasiesRealmMarket
5th place © by rrkknight3  rrknight3
4th place © by Heitaikai
3rd place © by BronzeDragon
2nd place © by Ali_sen
1st place © by Carolann  CarolannW
Grand Prize © by CathyY

And between all Christmas and Halloween freebies added on the store, don't miss all new great products we propose to you!